Prospective Services Pty Ltd (PSPL) began as a foresight company in 2004. Rowena Morrow and Peter Hayward were the founding consultants, having both completed the Masters in Strategic Foresight from Swinburne University. When we began, we wanted to allow organic change to emerge, this was an opportunity for us to use the theory that we believe has relevance for our clients, to guide the operation of our own organisation – to ‘practice what we preach’. Prospective Services continues to operate as a boutique firm, offering foresight processes, products, capacity building and facilitation for all forms of organisations. We collaborate with many other organisations to develop new ways of engaging individuals, communities and organisations in developing their foresight thinking.

In 2009, Prospective Services Consulting (PSC) was formed to focus solely on our consulting business. Prospective Services Consulting assists organisations to build futures thinking capacity, foresight literacy and anticipatory leadership. Our core interest is in developing these capability in individuals, and therefore organisations and groups, through the application of foresight processes, methodology and experiential activities.

We believe that Foresight processes should precede strategic positioning or strategic planning exercises. Foresight allows for the future to be explored before action in the present is planned. In many organisations and communities, this does not occur, so ʻbusiness as usualʼ is the output even when the intention may have been different.